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Prevention starts with education. Education starts at BeatCancer.org.

Introducing... BeatCancer.org's Education & Certification Programs

With BeatCancer.org's program, you'll learn to believe in the healing powers of good food, healthy habits, and science-backed information. By taking one of these courses, you'll receive essential educational resources that you can use to help fight cancer, prevent cancer, or support someone living with cancer.

How the program works...

We've broken down the BeatCancer.org program into three tiers so you can easily select which level feels like the right fit for you. Whether you're a patient or caregiver, educator or speaker, or want to be a certified coach - there's a course for you.

Tier 1

Learn alternative ways to help heal your mind and body or how to fully support a loved one.


Course Curriculum:

  • 10 videos geared toward cancer patients and caregivers
  • 19 downloadable articles


  • Learn the qualities of a successful patient
  • Understand how to use diet to activate your anti-cancer mechanism
  • Determine which foods are Anti-Cancer Superfoods
  • Learn why detoxification is important and how to do it
  • Become fluent in pain management techniques
  • And more!


  • 5% discount code for all future purchases of any BeatCancer.org educational materials
  • 3 hours of counseling with our naturopathic doctor
  • The opportunity to become an affiliate resulting in commissions

What It's Worth: $2,300

What You'll Pay: $150

    Tier 2

    Become an ambassador - gain more insight into holistic practices that you can share.


    Course Curriculum:

    • Everything from Tier 1!
    • 9 additional videos geared toward health professionals, support group leaders, or advocates
    • 2 privately sponsored webinars
    • Updated version of "Fight Cancer With Your Fork" presentation


    • Learn the difference between conventional and unconventional therapies
    • Understand why we are losing the war on cancer
    • Recognize the difference between aggressive therapy and supportive therapies
    • Understand how to evaluate alternative cancer therapies
    • Learn about the importance of spirituality in cancer healing
    • And more!


    • Receive a 10% discount on all products ordered from our e-store

    What It's Worth: $3,125

    What You'll Pay: $350

    Tier 3
    Certified Coach

    Become a certified cancer coach so you can help improve the lives - and futures - of your patients.


    Course Curriculum:

    • Everything from Tier 1 & 2!
    • 13 videos of Certified Holistic Coach Training
    • Over 40 downloads
    • Private coaches only conference call where Susan and Sandra Bullard, LPN, discuss the topic of "How to Grow Your Cancer Coaching Business"
    • Certified Holistic Cancer Coach listing on BeatCancer.org
    • Get featured as a coach on our social media channels, podcast network, and blog
    • 9.5 self-reported CEU's available for nurses


    • Expand your client base
    • Enhance quality of service
    • Improve your revenue stream
    • And more!


    • Physical copies of Hungry for Health and Hungrier for Health while supplies last
    • Access to our entire library of digital downloadable copies of our books, audio, podcasts, and video educational products produced by Susan
    • 10% discount on all physical products available in our store

    What It's Worth: $15,474

    What You'll Pay: $500

    Great training... this training is giving me the tools to augment my skills and pull together my knowledge and expertise in a cohesive way that will allow me to support and guide others in their own healing journey.


    - Kay Modore, Certified Cancer Coach

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why should I choose BeatCancer.org over all the options out there?

    How do I know which tier is right for me?

    Can I switch tiers once I've signed up?

    What will I learn?

    How long does each tier take to complete?

    Depending on how much experience and education in the related subject matter you have and how much time you can devote to the course, it could take a few weeks to a few months.

    Do any of the courses expire?

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